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Go-Go Band Takes D.C. Flavor to African Shores

Team Familiar has earned a reputation for being one of the District’s most talented go-go bands, pumping out its pulsating sounds and pulsating rhythms for well over 20 years.  And in their quest to expand their horizons and reach even more fans of the musical genre whose roots can be traced to the greater Washington area, Team Familiar just returned from a recent engagement in several Nigerian cities at the behest of Prince Ayotunde Adebayo-Isadipe, a brother of Yoruba ancestry.

In Nigeria, Team Familiar Will Celebrate Go-Go’s African Roots

Even with decades of experience under his belt, D. Floyd, Team Familiar’s lead mic and saxophonist doesn’t shy away from change. Since the turn of the century, Team Familiar has carved out its own space in D.C.’s go-go scene, dominating the “Grown & Sexy” subgenre and staying relevant.

Pan-Afrikan Back To The Roots Festival

On December 5th, Team Familiar will travel to Nigeria to play at the Pan-Afrikan Back To The Roots Festival which is hosted by the Ooni of Ife, Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi. The festival is a celebration of Pan-African music and culture of Diasporans as presented by the House of Oduduwa.